The short and the long if it

So, in short (all figures are approximate):

  • 170 odd riders – some deciding on a shorter course
  • 40 made it through the weather to the top
  • 20 of the super-speedy made it down before the weather closes in
  • 67 riders were taken off the mountain in mini buses (with bikes to follow)
  • Hypothermia claims 2 people  who are taken off in ambulances
  • Three further bikes make it home crossing the finish together in joint 21st and last place
    Two are riding Bianchi’s and the third, a Brompton!!

And the long story?

– Watch this space


Roll of honour

The amount of support from everyone today was overwhelming – to the extent that I had to stop sending out personal thank you notes in order to get the day job done!

There is still time to join the masses here, and to everyone who has sponsored this venture I thank you.

Joining the roll of honour are:

  • R/GA London
  • James Temple
  • Richard Thompson
  • Jeremy Sharman
  • Paul Pickering
  • James Hanley
  • Patrick Van Kann
  • Dave Robbins
  • Henry Wrigley
  • Phil Boyle
  • Dom Geargeoura
  • Sam Wise
  • Lee Prior
  • Tony Woodhead
  • Scott Shaw
  • Rupert Dixon
  • John Langridge
  • Antonia Gabb
  • Lee Rodaway
  • Jenny Beal – again!
  • Tom Fechtner
  • Jonny Dodds
  • Gabrielle, Roisin and Ciara
  • Sally & Martin

Very much appreciated !


B’ words

Brompton – yup it is fixed, ready to ride and may fit in hand luggage?!

Brilliant – Have hit the fundraising target and then some…

Bugger – Actually going to have to do this and it will hurt..

Bye – Just in case, you never know …

Less than a week to go

With little over a week to go,  Team Tuffcall embarked on a final series of  Swains Lane ascents before tapering the training in readiness for the big day.  Approximately the same amount of time was spent warming down in the Flask as there was riding up and down Swains Lane.  We have been told to warm down properly and take this part very seriously.

Having got the calculator out, it appears we climbed two thirds of the Ouka climb.  I feel slightly reassured that we aren’t completely ill prepared. To put an end to the rumours that we haven’t actually done any training, here is the profile of our last training run.  No idea what it all means but apparently it shows that I went up and down a hill a few times!

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 12.18.16 PM

Saturday – The sun shone.  For the 1st time this year, I was able to cycle in just 1 short sleeved shirt.  However, the training ride was somewhat short lived as my son accidentally  crashed into the back of me and I hit a tree.  Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

Saturday was also my birthday and I received many marvellous  presents – thanks everyone.

One which I am not sure about is Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream




So, the plans for this week are a) find my passport b) resist the urge to drink copious amount of beer in preparation for the big day c) work out how to put my bike into a bike suitcase and d) get out at least  once before the weekend.

Still time to donate.




The Ouka Monster can help you.

So the London Marathon has ran its way past my house without incident and our little part of the Isle of Dogs has return to normal – generally quiet with the odd incident highlighted by the wail of sirens.

I digress.

If you forgot to sponsor someone yesterday then we can help you salve your conscience as there is still a week to go until the Ouka.

Roll of honour

With 12 days to go, Chris and I would like to thank:

  • Charles Osborn
  • Yvonne Gallagher
  • Andrew Neustadter
  • Karima Hudson
  • Robert Smith
  • Helga Breen
  • Stephen Spencer
  • Ilia Uvarov

Thanks to you all, your support is very much appreciated!

Feel free to join in –