Some light reading

The people from the Marrakech-Atlas Etape send out an information pamphlet and I seem to feature on pages 4 and 5 no less! Riding a silly bike obviously equates to guaranteed personality…


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Been a while but I’m back

So,  Just checked the calendar and there are now four weeks to go until I fly to The Ouka.
That means there are four weeks to start the training regime which will turn me into a lean mean cycling machine.

As part of the new regime, I am off to Eire for a spot of carb loading.  Guinness and Whiskey being the two main carbs I will be predominately consuming.


There will an element of cycling involved but the plan indicates this should be kept to a minimum.

Mount Muckrash will be climbed.



small mountain

Six weeks out

So after weekend of looking after the children and nursing a bed-bound, flu-filled, properly poorly Justine, I finally cleared out under the deck enough to fit the turbo-trainer and Kona between the diesel tank and the sail bags. It really is head-down and go as the cockpit deck above prevents one sitting up on the bike!

I had forgotten how hot one gets on a trainer – this may be the way to loose the weight I need as, with six weeks to go until the big climb, I am still on the heavy side – For example, I took the children riding on Saturday to tick that particular middle class box and considered having a go. It was pointed out that there is a 13 stone weight limit to protect the innocent equines from the likes of me who comes in a casual three stone above that.

Still the couple of post-training glasses of Muscadet means that I have dulled the sheer terror of the impending big day.

It is probably time to start taking this seriously – after this glass, naturally – as the year-to-date is not too impressive…

  • Last week – 102.2m, 3,002′
  • March week 1 – 87.4m, 1,654′
  • February – 346.7m, 10,885′
  • Year-to-date – 713m, 17,596′