That was the year that was

So, that’s it for 2013. The Brompton is folded below deck on the boat and the family are in Lichfield for the festive period.

Around a year ago, when Chris and I first started dragging our middle-aged selves into the saddle to prepare for April’s mountain madness, I set myself three targets.

  1. Pedal over 3,000 miles in the year
  2. Climb over 100,000′ while doing so
  3. Don’t drink so much as not being such a fat b*stard will make one and two considerably easier



Well, in the rides that were recorded, I spent 11 and a half days on the Brompton, scraped the first target and got very close with the second. Three, however, went by the wayside completely. At least, this makes the New Year’s resolutions easy and I have something to aim for in the coming months.

And on that note, I’d like to wish Chris and our 2.4 readers a merry festive season and all the very best for 2014!

James x


Breaking news

Team Ouka has developed a new training technique to conquer the Ouka.


Step 1)

Go out all night and drink copious amounts of AlcoHol

Throw in a few cigarettes

Crawl or cycle home at about 2:30am

Step 2)

Go for a restorative couple of pints at lunch time

Throw in a burger and a few fries

Step 3)

Cycle a few miles up a steep hill


Currently at step 2 so will report on how step 3 went tomorrow



Saif – Welcome aboard dude


It was great to meet you last year and i am so pleased you are going to cycle up the Ouka on a Brompton – huge respect. – Welcome to team OUKA!!!

As per James’s last post, training is going well

We are cycling from party to party and I have started smoking again as part of an intensive high intensity low RPM training regime.

If you could arrange for beer to be available at every food zone that would be great


See you next year


Facebook and Argan Sports

So, Saif from Argan Xtreme Sports has joined the team via this site – welcome! – and we have appeared in the Etape’s Facebook feed – all of which means we are suddenly under pressure to start training and then write about it in case we up our audience to nearing double figures.

As Chris’ last post – blog not bugle, that is – indicated, London has got a tad wintery all of a sudden. That, combined with the whirly-gig of lunches, dinners and p’ ups that constitute the party season means that things are not ideal for training. Having said that, I have clocked up a number of miles cycling from party to party, however, this is not ideal from a safety perspective and recommended not to be tried at home (as you will probably wobble the bike through the TV).

Still, looking at the trusted Strava, I find motivation when I see that my little Brompton has covered 2,879 miles this year and climbed 91,516 feet. It is tempting to try and round this up to 3k and 100k respectively.

For now though, I must pedal off to my lunch time ‘meeting’.

Cheers xx

Week 8

Brrrrrrr Brrrrrrrr

So, Mountain Bike has a wrecked wheel due to falling down a deep pot hole.

Trusty matt black and nasty is back on the road – much faster than the iron horse (note music reference)

Back to training

Saw Mott The Hoople – Excellent

and the Pixies also excellent

Training is currently limited to a 19 mile round trip to work each day and the occasional trip to Herne Hill to look at the velodrome.

Next week, the serious hill climbing begins….

I have tried to generate some enthusiasm to encourage others but the prospect of cycling to a ski resort doesn’t seem to be hitting the spot.

Have joined an online cycle club – Club Grappa

This should aid the training


For you number obsessed:

Averaging 100m a week and climbing 1500 ft

Cadence is averaging 90 spinny things

Heart rate is approx 140 hearty things

Beer consumption 15 – 20 beer things per week

Crisps have almost gone

Peanuts mmm about a 1kg a week