Roll of honour

The amount of support from everyone today was overwhelming – to the extent that I had to stop sending out personal thank you notes in order to get the day job done!

There is still time to join the masses here, and to everyone who has sponsored this venture I thank you.

Joining the roll of honour are:

  • R/GA London
  • James Temple
  • Richard Thompson
  • Jeremy Sharman
  • Paul Pickering
  • James Hanley
  • Patrick Van Kann
  • Dave Robbins
  • Henry Wrigley
  • Phil Boyle
  • Dom Geargeoura
  • Sam Wise
  • Lee Prior
  • Tony Woodhead
  • Scott Shaw
  • Rupert Dixon
  • John Langridge
  • Antonia Gabb
  • Lee Rodaway
  • Jenny Beal – again!
  • Tom Fechtner
  • Jonny Dodds
  • Gabrielle, Roisin and Ciara
  • Sally & Martin

Very much appreciated !



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