The Team

The core team is now up to four; do feel free to add your name to the list:

  • James Tuffs
    Coming back for a fifth time with Chris – this time back on a Brompton after previous runs on the folding tandem and Pacific IF.
    As a long term supporter of Education for All, I have been to the Kasbah du Toubkal and, both seen the great work they do and the size of the local hills – quite frankly I’m still terrified!
  • Chris Gurney
    Co-author of this blog and currently busy breaking so many bikes in London pot-holes that he may well be walking up!
  • Henry Creagh
    Joined as stoker on the tandem last year and back again for 2017 – as a professional wordsmith he should be able to raise the tone this site.
  • Justine Oliver
    The original stoker on the first planned tandem ascent and instigator of the inaugural trip is still unable to get the time away from the classroom. Full marks for being sensible.
  • Tim Wild
    New for 2017 – Creative Director type who seems scarily fit compared to the rest of us – he even has a real bike!
  • Ilies Kebdani
    When not busy as the Associate Director of Sales at the Mandarin Oriental in Marrakech, Ilies is part of the hotel team who will also be back for a fifth time this year – we are looking forward to riding together.
  • Paul Thomson (+1)
    Is threatening to give the tandem an outing for 2017 – will he make it?
  • Mike McHugo & Andy Phillips…
    …Of Education For All got in touch via the ‘join the team’ form on the site – honorary team membership for them it is, and a touch of official recognition for us 🙂
  • Saif Kovach
    I quote, “Co-founder of the Marrakech Atlas Etape and full supporter of Education for all. AXS provide bikes, encouragement, fun, and technical support for the Marrakech Atlas Etape. Good fun, for a great cause is why we’re all here!”
  • Mr Chuck Brown & son
    Classic riding companions and good company for the 2015 run – hope to see them back this year.

3 comments on “The Team

  1. Ilies Kebdani says:

    Hello Guys, this will be my fifth time as well and I would love to ride with you and hope it’s okay for you all
    My best
    Ilies Kebdani
    Associate director of sales
    Mandarin Oriental Marrakech

    • jamestuffs says:

      Hi there, it will be a pleasure. We are easy to spot as I will be on a Brompton which has very small wheels.

      We are not in the country until Saturday afternoon, so come and introduce at the start on Sunday. We will be there about 30 mins in advance. Look forward to meeting.


    • jamestuffs says:

      And, if you look at the team list, you are now an official member – welcome! See you there.

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