Back in 2013 Chris and I began what we thought would be four months of training in order to tackle the ‘Ouka Monster’ on a bike.

Actually, what really happened was we looked after our respective children, drank too much when they eventually slept and wobbled off the next morning with blinding hangovers and, thereby set a precedent.

We questioned the sanity of soft southern middle-aged 16 stone commuter cyclists with ample spread in wanting to do this killer climb. While we liked the South Downs, the Ups were lethal – they were also pretty much our only experience of hill climbing…

So, other than a masochist’s mid-life crises, what’s it all about and why are we still doing this five years later.


This event is being organised for the benefit of Education For All which helps provide the opportunity of a secondary/college education for girls from rural Morocco.


Starting in the exotic city of Marrakech at 495m, you climb through the High Atlas Mountains to the ski resort of Oukaïmeden (Ouka) at 2624m, an altitude gain of some 2129m. The Ouka monster is bigger in altitude gain than any of the classic climbs in the Tour de France:

  • ▲ Oukaïmeden 2129m
  • ▲ Galibier 1924m
  • ▲ Mont Ventoux 1622m
  • ▲ Tourmalet 1404m
  • ▲ Alpe d’Huez 1071m

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