The short and the long if it

So, in short (all figures are approximate):

  • 170 odd riders – some deciding on a shorter course
  • 40 made it through the weather to the top
  • 20 of the super-speedy made it down before the weather closes in
  • 67 riders were taken off the mountain in mini buses (with bikes to follow)
  • Hypothermia claims 2 people  who are taken off in ambulances
  • Three further bikes make it home crossing the finish together in joint 21st and last place
    Two are riding Bianchi’s and the third, a Brompton!!

And the long story?

– Watch this space


One comment on “The short and the long if it

  1. Martin C says:

    Having been one of those who was taken back down from the top in a minibus (wimpy cold fingers!) I can reiterate what a serious achievement you have made. It was flipping hard enough on a road bike. Massive respect for going both up and down again. you are clearly mad. Dave Brailsford, sign this man up.

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