Echo answers…

I just sent an email to the whole company ‘selling in’ the ride in an effort to increase the size of the team…

I wonder if there will be any takers?


Week 5



Here we are in week 5 and there has been minimal training in team Ouka.  After that initial flurry of activity at the start of October, cycling has been restricted to commuting.  Still can’t find the key to the trusty carbon fibre so time to get the angle grinder out and cut the lock. Oh and the weather in London is rain rain and more rain.

On the plus side, have booked riad – start getting the beer ordered Linda, booked the flights and am looking at modifying my training regime, well getting one would be a start.

I know you all like stats so here are a couple

Averaging 90  miles a week cycling

Approximately 12 pints a week

and 4 pies a week

Time to ramp it up



Team Ou