mmmmm it’s getting closer


Tuffcall devotees,

After a week in the spa soaking up the healthy properties of Guinness, whiskey and potatoes, I feel rejuvenated and full of vim and vigour.

I took my bike over to Eire in an effort to catch up with my tandem riding fellow tuffcall team mates and planned to ride  a few of the Irish mountains.  The 1916 Easter uprising celebrations put paid to that and I think it would be accurate to say that the bike never got out of the bag.

However, it gets better.  In an effort to be efficient and progressive, I bought a cycle pump powered by soda stream cartridges – can pump a tyre up in seconds.  No waiting by the roadside for me. –

So, bike, and cartridges get to Eire OK, bike and cartridges should get to England back OK.

It transpires that what is OK to enter Eire  is covered by one rule, but what can leave Eire is covered by another rule.

Confused, I was…

Gas cartridges cannot be carried on flights from Eire to London, even if the bag they were packed in hasn’t been opened / emptied.

Suffice to say swearing at the baggage handler and calling him all manner of profanities does not assist your cause.

“fine, I’ll open the bag and chuck out the potential lethal offending items”had zero effect. You can’t open the bag because it’s air side and the bag can’t go on the plane because it’s full of gas canisters.

Net result, I flew home but bike didn’t.

Today, well  a few hours ago, I have driven to a god forsaken place called Holyhead which is 200 miles from LOndon to catch a ferry and then drive 200 miles from Dublin to an airport called Knock to collect my bike – without soda stream cartridges so I can then drive back to Dublin to catch a ferry to Hoylhead so I can then drive back to London so I can climb a load of hills in LOndon so I have a fighting chance of being able to ascend the Ouka without expiring.

You may sense frustration

So, if you haven’t sponsored us, please consider doing so.  It’s for a great cause and if nothing else youv’e got to admire our determination.



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