Below decks

Sadly I missed my stoker’s 51st birthday lunch this Sunday. Ros had to work and a combination of factors, including my own backlog of work, meant that getting two children to Woodbridge from London, via a rail replacement bus service, in time for lunch was not going to pan out – particularly as, if I was going to complete my work, I needed to stay sober.

As it turned out lunch continued until 9.30.

9.30am that is!

Not having Monday off meant that my absence was a good thing. It also meant that I was noticeably fitter when Henry came up smiling on Tuesday, to loosely quote, ‘Withnail and I’.

I did shred my Schwalbe Durano tyres on the way to the office. Conveniently, this was outside the school my partner is principle of, which meant I had company as I swapped tubes on the side of the road.

The reason I mention the tyre manufacturer is that Strava shows that these Schwalbe Durano’s have carried my 16 stone for over 3,900 miles before letting me down – just astounding!

Back to Henry, and we meet at the boat after work for our weekly tandem training. Motivation has been higher as evidenced by Ros’ delay meaning we happily abandon our ride and proceed to our post ride HIIT routine (as Chris covers in his post) of alternating 12 x 30 second sprints on the Kona that is set up on a turbo trainer under the deck. Doing this at least justifies a beer to groan over in the saloon while promising to knock the drinking and smoking on the head.

It is harder than it sounds as the end of this clip would demonstrate – if I could upload it here. Facebook it is then…


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