High Intensity Interval Training – Tuffcall update


It’s February 1st and approx 13 weeks before the Monster.

At least one of us is still on the wagon, although for how much longer

lech index


is very hard to say – A trip to Poznan in Poland followed by a trip to Eire will probably kill that virtuous attitude to training.

The tandem twins are struggling to master dual controls and the intrepid Silver Fox has lost his favourite wooly hat so training is on hold – outdoors anyway, which brings me to the main purpose of the post.

In the dim and distant past, spin classes were all the range in gyms up and down the country.  Pedal like crazy for a minute, have a rest and then repeat, over and over again. Did it work, no idea, haven’t set foot in a gym since I broke my ankle playing squash many years ago.  Anyway, unless you cycle for at least a day, it’s not real training. How can cycling indoors for 30 minutes be any use at all when you have to cycle up hill to a ski resort.

Fast forwards 20 years.  Spin is now HIIT and for the very serious there is Tabata – you do it in the comfort of your own shed or in some cases, the bilges of your boat.

Strap your self on, warm up, pedal like you are going to explode for 30s, have  60s rest and repeat. Today was day 1, I managed 4 reps (a technical term) before blacking out and hitting my head on the handlebars.

Tomorrow is theoretically a rest day, but I’ve set myself a target of 10 reps.

Does is work, apparently so. Professional cyclists, when not taking epo having been doing it for years.  Will it work for Team Tuffcall? Somehow I doubt I will feel confident enough to swap 4 hours grinding up and down Kent hills for 30m in a shed, listening to the radio but I’m going to give it a red hot go.


And for Henry, here is a link to the etape




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