Interlude 1 – You learn something new everyday

Well, howdah ‘bout that, I have just found out the name of an elephants saddle!

I must admit I never expected to find this out while actually on the back of one, but, I learnt something new while doing something new – win, win as the dreadful saying goes.

Moments before, I was wondering how much of a ‘win, win’ it may be for the beast in question, but eventually gave in to the children’s ‘Chinese Water Torture’ approach and took them for a ride.

It was only from talking to the Mahoot that I learnt about saddles, the elephant’s lifestyle and the 25 years he has lived with, trained and looked after it. All in all, this giant would not survive in the wild and, given those circumstances, I think has got a pretty good deal.

You still will not be getting me to Sea World anytime soon, however.


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