Time to pack up the bike

So, as some of you might be aware Team Tuffcall has taken training to a new level this year.

Team captain – James Tuffs has cycled 2,110km and elevated 12,275m – all this was completed in 121h

Commander Gurney has cycled 1,474km and elevated 15,362 m – in 77h

What does this tell us? – No idea, a good friend of mine has climbed 45,000m this year so I guess she has climbed more.


Anyway, as part of the training regime, we hooked up with a few fellow cyclists in the Alps.  Very convenient that we were all wearing the same shirts.



However, the real news is that new bikes have been purchased for this years etape.


Captain Tuffs has a Pacific, still folds naturally


Pacific 'IF' Reach

and Commander Gurney has gone for something slightly different this year


More importantly, body fat is now at an all time high – this is apparently a good thing which climbing at high altitudes in temperatures upwards of 34 degrees.

And finally, a montage of last year

No time for any more excuses, no time for any more training, it’s time to take on the Ouka again..

Goodbye Poland, hello Morocco, but the beer on ice – we are on our way.




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