Week 1 New bike – new training regime


So, it’s that time of year again, when your head is recovering from a year of excess and your body is a year older.

Mike from the etape knows you are vulnerable and sends you the “come and enjoy the scenery” email.

Your body screams no but you sign up!!!

This year, I’m going for three wheels as two must be faster than three and this year I’m not even bothering to give up alcohol or pies – I tried that and it didnt work.  This year is all about excess in moderation.  This is apparently how Alberto Contador was so successful and if it worked for him then it can work for me.  I have been recommended a new form of treatment for my knee, it’s called epo.  I’ll let you know if it is any better than neurofen.


Anyway, tomorrow is Saturday and my planned 100km ride has been cancelled because the Quins are playing at Twickenham. However, Sunday will see me on the Surrey Hills, hammering out the miles.

Let the training and excuses begin.


Alcohol consumption this week – Lots

Crisps / nuts – Many

Miles cycled – 1 (well 0)

Miles planned – 40

Turkey eatern – 1









3 comments on “Week 1 New bike – new training regime

  1. riadlinda says:

    Hi Team Tuffcall – delighted to hear that you are coming back to Marrakech!

  2. jamestuffs says:

    Chris mate, was there any alcohol involved in the writing of this or have you just taken a turn to the surreal?

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