The time is now!


Just sent the last begging mail out:

The final comedown [mail 3 of 3]

Sorry, ‘countdown’…

Yep, this Sunday is the big day!

Cue, ‘Velvet Underground’

Sunday morning,

Brings the dawning,

Of one blooming monstrous mountain climb on my Brompton… [It may not scan, but I am fairly sure I will]

Feel all the wasted years

Catch one up from behind…

For those of you who want to bypass my woffle and cut to the chase:

For everybody else, read on…

Firstly, a massive thanks for all the support so far – we are about 70+% on our way to our target!

When I started training for this caper a couple of months back, my stated aims – outside of emptying your bank account – covered three things

  1. no beer
  2. no fags
  3. no junk food.

Well, I certainly went on to prove that prohibition, as history demonstrates, doesn’t work. I can almost sense the resounding shock that, true to form, so long as you strike the ‘no’, I succeeded in these aims!

Rather than failure, I am looking at it as follows –

  • The beer is ‘carb loading’
  • The occasional cigarettes and reduced lung capacity is good training for the high altitude.

Admittedly, I have failed to justify the junk food to myself, but think the climb will be a suitable guilt-ridding punishment.

Despite my human weaknesses, however, I have cycled up Swains Lane in Highgate a lot of times (43 thousand feet worth of times, in fact) by way of some urban training.

Between the wrenching gasps, sweat stinging eyes and sinew twanging thighs, I have been amused passing the famous cemetery with Marx, unusually, on my right and, on my left, the crowds of disappointed tourists who failed to book the tour around the older West side – although not as disappointed, I imagine, as Dickens and co were when they arrived to take up more permanent residence!

Anyhow, it’s almost time to fold the bike and head to the Atlas mountains, so we may as well end with a tune…

Cue the Wonderstuff

It’s not your heart, it’s your bank I want to break!

It’s your money I am after baby…!

Look on the bright side, it could have been ‘the only way is up’ by Yazz.

See you all next Tuesday, so to speak,

Tuffs xxx


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