Exactly two weeks to go

With exactly two weeks to go, James and my good self, celebrated our almost puritanical training regime by celebrating over a glass or two of elderflower cordial on Friday.  Elderflower cordial patently has a strange effect on my constitution because at 3am in the morning I was definitely ready for another  long training ride.

Fortunately, at 7:00am in the morning, I was asked if I’d like to take part in the Rapha Hell of the North.  This is a tribute to the Paris Roubaix classic and involves cycling through the hills of North London.

It’s muddy, hilly and generally grim.  Only being mildly hung over for a Saturday morning, I of course said yes.

During the race preparation, I noticed a grinding noise, thinking it was my knee, I swallowed some more neurofen and carried on.

It turned out not to be my knee…..

The three bits on the left,  fell out of the front fork and the fork fell out of the bike!!


A quick trip to the local cycle shop, confirmed my suspicion, it wasn’t my knee.

Apparently, the headset bearing had collapsed due to excessive wear. A new one is on order and should be with me in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, backup bike is coming out of retirement just in case




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