Two weeks to go



With just over two weeks to go, it was time to up the training.  Team Ouka set out yesterday to conquer the mountains of North London

Exactly 130km were cycled and 1564m were climbed.  What’s more only 4 pints of finest ale were drunk during the cycling which is something of a record.

Having just checked my map, we appear to have climbed almost the same number of metres as the Ouka!!

Suffice to say, my legs are on fire and I would rather stand than sit.

Not a bad effort, considering I was trying to get out of a vat of lager some weeks ago

Also, According to Strava, I’ve attained the status of Grand Fondue – Not sure what it means but I guess it means I ‘ve cycled up a load of hills

Anyway, it’s time to light the cigar and relax – team OUKA has completed its training regime.


Next big decision, do we pack the bubble wrap suit or go with the lycra.







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