Eeeeeeek five weeks to go


As we approach the end of March, hello Spring, it’s time to reflect.  This time last year, Tuffcall were cycling up and done Box Hill in the sleeting snow.  This year, training shifted to Poland and I found myself in a micro brewery carb loading.

Falling into the vat of lager was a genuine accident and not at all planned. Suffice to say there were limited opportunities in Poland to up the mileage.

 photo 3

I feel in no way prepared for the event and the usual doubt is starting to creep in.


Strava has been hacked

I checked my strava page and discovered that I have climbed 28,000 feet this month – An excellent effort if I say so myself.

However, I think 23,000 of those were aboard a plane to Poland!!!

photo 1


Time to extract the cash



One comment on “Eeeeeeek five weeks to go

  1. riadlinda says:

    Go Team Tuffcall!!

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