What happened to January part 2


So, we hit February and according to the magical Strava, I’ve climbed 9,117 feet in 231  miles which is 2779mof elevation in 371 km. All sounds very impressive until I remembered  the Ouka is just over 2000m climbing in 120km.  In other words, OMFG.

Much like James, the weight has not fallen off and despite my optimism, it has not converted to muscle

This year a new training regime is needed and  I have decided to undertake a series of hypnosis sessions in an effort to improve my cycling.  I am going to be hypnotised and  become  Alberto Contador.  He had a knack for partaking in performance enhancing activities and winning the le Tour.  This is much more in tune with my style of training. I have also discovered that eating energy gels whilst drinking Stella is most definitely a sure fire way to improving endurance.  I will be conducting a controlled experiment to see how efficient this training method is compared to just eating energy gels.

James, the founder member of the team has found fame and is appearing on life size posters at the London Bike Show (Education for all stand).

Tomorrow is a new month and a new challenge – the goal is 11,000 feet of climbing, preferably in something closer to a 100 miles.

Saif, no need to start training just yet!!!


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