Welcome to 2014 -1st cycle ride of the year completed – just

Hello followers of team Ouka and fellow members – James and Saif.

Another year of exciting cycling beckons and the Ouka Monster draws closer.

Over Christmas, I decided that I would make an effort to up my  training regime in preparation for the Ouka in April. New Years Eve celebrations would be controlled and training would start on Jan 1st. – So far so good.

In true Tuffcall style, the NYE celebrations did not go quite according to plan. I believe I successfully drank my own weight in red wine last night before demolishing  a considerable quantity of Gin and T.

Despite the large bump on my head (who knows), I felt surprisingly well this morning and decided to proceed with the training schedule Ignoring the appalling weather, I duly hopped on the trusty steed and promptly fell off!!  Replace surprisingly well with still very drunk.

Several cups of tea later, I set off and paid the price of the previous night’s excess.

My goodness did it hurt – it’s still hurting in fact.

So after day 1 of the new regime, I conclude that I must get a new bike as the current one is causing my entire body to ache.




And for those of you who like stats


Miles cycled in 2014 – 10

Steepest gradient climbed in 2014 – 10%

Hours in saddle – 1

Litres of water  drank in 2014 – 4








One comment on “Welcome to 2014 -1st cycle ride of the year completed – just

  1. riadlinda says:

    Happy New Year to all at Team Ourika – good luck with the training guys!

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