Facebook and Argan Sports

So, Saif from Argan Xtreme Sports has joined the team via this site – welcome! – and we have appeared in the Etape’s Facebook feed – all of which means we are suddenly under pressure to start training and then write about it in case we up our audience to nearing double figures.

As Chris’ last post – blog not bugle, that is – indicated, London has got a tad wintery all of a sudden. That, combined with the whirly-gig of lunches, dinners and p’ ups that constitute the party season means that things are not ideal for training. Having said that, I have clocked up a number of miles cycling from party to party, however, this is not ideal from a safety perspective and recommended not to be tried at home (as you will probably wobble the bike through the TV).

Still, looking at the trusted Strava, I find motivation when I see that my little Brompton has covered 2,879 miles this year and climbed 91,516 feet. It is tempting to try and round this up to 3k and 100k respectively.

For now though, I must pedal off to my lunch time ‘meeting’.

Cheers xx


One comment on “Facebook and Argan Sports

  1. Saif says:

    Thank you guys tremendously on allowing a fellow like myself amongst gentlemen like yourselves. I am excited for this next Etape to take place. Although I think Chris has me mistaken. I think he’s under the impression that I’ll be riding up on a Brompton.
    I’m afraid I don’t have the twig and berries to pull that one off, but I will be streamlining on something else.

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