Week 8

Brrrrrrr Brrrrrrrr

So, Mountain Bike has a wrecked wheel due to falling down a deep pot hole.

Trusty matt black and nasty is back on the road – much faster than the iron horse (note music reference)

Back to training

Saw Mott The Hoople – Excellent

and the Pixies also excellent

Training is currently limited to a 19 mile round trip to work each day and the occasional trip to Herne Hill to look at the velodrome.

Next week, the serious hill climbing begins….

I have tried to generate some enthusiasm to encourage others but the prospect of cycling to a ski resort doesn’t seem to be hitting the spot.

Have joined an online cycle club – Club Grappa

This should aid the training


For you number obsessed:

Averaging 100m a week and climbing 1500 ft

Cadence is averaging 90 spinny things

Heart rate is approx 140 hearty things

Beer consumption 15 – 20 beer things per week

Crisps have almost gone

Peanuts mmm about a 1kg a week



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