Week 1

Week 1 was eventful 

Well, the  training for 2014 has started some four months earlier than this year which is simply amazing.  My main focus so far has been to follow the blog written by someone who cycles on average  300 miles a week.  I think I am getting fitter by just reading his achievements.

On October 1st, I signed up for sober October as part of the intensive training programme I have carefully designed to ensure I reach optimum fitness next year.

On October 1st, some 12 hours later, I resigned my membership to sober October and instead signed up to mildly inebriated October – April.


Back to the cycling

According to Strava, I cycled 110 miles last week and climbed a total of 2,500 feet.  Not a bad start.

Also, for you stats freaks, my max speed was 39.9 mph and slowest was 0 ( just after falling off after being hit by a conker)

Accidents – Two

The 1st one involved being attacked by a flurry of conkers. Very painful and also very slippery underfoot

The 2nd one involved demonstrating how to cycle, or rather not without any hands to a 9 yr old.  Very embarrassing

The bike

I have switched from a carbon to a ” keep it real, keep it steel” framed bicycle and moved up a weight category.  Current bike weighs in at a healthy 25kg and previous bike came in at just under 10kg.

Why, well the honest answer is that I have lost the key to the lock securing the carbon bike to the bike racks at work but the alternative answer is that I am training on a heavier bike to build up core strength

The weather

Remarkably mild for October so the long trousers and thick socks can wait another week.


Next week, I am endeavouring to scale a few more hills, moderate the intake of Alc O hol and generally lose weight / improve fitness.  Likelihood of any of these happening, moderate to 0


Hopefully, the Ouka monster, will join me for a few ascents of Swains Lane next week.


To find out more about the charity all this madness is for, please visit http://www.marrakech-atlas-etape.com/


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