Update from the organiser


We at team Tuffcall, received an update from the organisers of the etape.

The safety notice makes for interesting reading.


Apart from the Important Safety Information that is written in the Carnet de Controle, we would like to draw your attention to a few extra points:

Sorry, temperatures are in Fahrenheit!

As in any mountain event there is a small risk of mist, so we recommend that you carry ultra lights as a minimum so that you can be seen.





There will be feed stations at 30km, 52km and 70km and water at 30km, 42km, 52km, 61km and 70km on the ascent and 110km and of course 140km on the descent! There are cafés en route should you need more—there will also be an MAE vehicle patrolling the route carrying extra water.

Make sure your carnet is stamped at the ‘KOM’ King of Mountains stage (approximately 43km) and at Oukaïmeden (70km).

On entering the village of Oukaïmeden there is a road barrier and the finish of the KOM is approx 1km further on.

On the return to Marrakech, subtract 5km from the kilometre markers (as they refer to the centre of Marrakech) and this will give you the distance to the finish.




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