week 12

If this was pregnancy then this would be the week that  the child’s reflexes develop and things start to move.

In my world of training, movement has not really been a feature this week.

I could blame it on the trapped nerve or the prolapsed L5 disc that I blame every ache and pain on rather than worry about them all individually – who knows what I will do following the operation?

But no, I handed my bike in for a service. ‘No problem mate, just bring it back when you need it serviced and we will be able to do it on the day’ were the words that tempted me to said bike shop. However, this rapidly became an overnight gig followed by, ‘it should be ready by Friday’. Friday, being of the ‘Good’ variety, meant that it wasn’t ready. Tuesday and still no word… Grrrh!!!

Still, taking the ‘blame the prolapsed L5’ approach the lack of bike has been to blame for:

1. Catching up with Paul (neighbour from Kazakhstan, godless father to Lyulf) who was over from Moscow

2. Drinking with Ros to celebrate her return from Oxford

3. Drinking with Ros – again. Why…? Hmmm? Because its Tuesday?

Meanwhile, Chris seems to have done some training – ‘who said the age of miracles has past?’ to quote Frank Richards (aka Charles Hamilton)


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