Legs Eleven

Not sure if I’d have any legs left at the end of week 11 as Chris and I planned to do the box hill zig-zag a couple of times (one of those times being downhill 🙂 ) before heading on to Brighton.

By way of warm up I added the 20kg of child to the Brompton for three days of school runs before setting off in freezing conditions on Thursday.

Up to Hampstead,  12 miles across London to meet Chris in Streatham and proceed to Sutton before at last hitting country lanes after around 18 miles of London’s sprawling mass.

Box Hill was, surprisingly, rather easy!

There was an exhilarating almost omnipotent feeling as you glide across the still new tarmac painted with the names of Wiggo, Cavendish and their Team GB cohorts – at which point you take stock and realize you probably look fairly ridiculous in comparison. Much as I love the Brompton’s ability to collapse almost as fast of me on a steep hill, visually it does make me look a bit like a bear on a clown bike…

Still, add in a touch of snow, sleet and the many hills to Brighton and it feels as though we have earned the couple of beers and burger on the beach (I was going to have a mineral water, but it would have let the alliteration side down).

On Friday my legs hurt, but I was in better shape than the bike, which has checked in for a service leaving me to contemplate a week of altitude training in my kitchen on the turbo trainer while wearing the gimp mask…

So, on Strava – 124.7 miles covered and 4,539’ climbed


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