Seven Eight Nine

The title reflects both the fact it is three weeks since my last post and, like the Pixies song with the ‘Seven’ being a peckish fellow eating nine, my diet…

… It appears that shedding the pounds is as much of an uphill battle as getting up the hills themselves. On the steep parts my arms and shoulders ache with the sheer effort of stopping gravity pulling me backwards off the saddle. With a bitterly ironic reminder of the once svelte youth pogo-ing in a mosh pit, Carter USM fans can now direct their famous (in my part of London) chant at me.

The diet re-starts tomorrow. As, indeed, does the serious training. There has not been much of either over the last few weeks, although it picked up a little with 10 ascents of Swains Lane over two days to round off Week 9.

Here are the low-lights while I go off and mentally prepare to catch up with Mr Gurney who is starting to look worryingly fit – although, that could have just been the lycra…

  • Week Seven: 43.2 miles + 3 off-Strava + 2 hours on the tubby trainer
  • Week Eight: 85.9 miles + 3 off-Strava
  • Week Nine: 94.4 miles with the odd hill thrown in for good measure

This Monkey’s cycling to Heaven…


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