Where have we been?…..

So, I hear everyone saying, what has happened to team Tuffcall and why hasn’t the blog been updated for so long?

Well, there are many reasons but primarily eating pies and drinking beer has got in the way.

Quick update on the training.

Several mind numbing sessions on the turbo trainer have racked up the Kms as I pretend to race up the Alpe d’Huez.  I’m about 1/2 way up at the moment.  A neighbour of mine has just set off to do the ride in person so I look forward to his report.

I went on a hair raising heart exploding ride with a member of the Dulwich Paragon which left me lying by the side of the road whilst bewildered on lookers stared in curiosity – still 60km in the saddle.

The bike whisperer proved to be a charlatan and only wanted to flog me expensive shoes / pedals – apparently people don’t cycle in trainers anymore – shoes have been purchased along with pedals.

Earlier this week, the Ouka Monster climbed up Swains Lane 6 times!! and then team TuffCall did 4 ascents yesterday. This I hasten to add was in relentless driving rain.  The mighty Brompton clown bike is going to fly up the mountain.  Brompton there is still time to sponsor the team.

Strava is proving to be both a great training aid and also a great fear inducer.  There is no hiding from the lack of KMs.

This week, a trip to the infamous ZigZag Road (Box Hill) was planned, but the fog / driving rain knocked that one on the head.

On a positive note, the rain has stopped and I’m off to climb a hill or three.

I’m tempted by some customised cycle wear for the big day but not sure if you can get it in XXXl.


There was go course the comedy sink on the foot episode which I forgot to mention – Earlier in the week, in an attempt to speed up my house renovations, I moved a new very heavy sink from the basement to the bathroom.  Mid way through the exercise, the box gave way and the sink landed on my foot.  Suffice to day akin to red hot pokers shooting through my leg (I imagine).




One comment on “Where have we been?…..

  1. Go Team Tuffcall, you can do it !!!

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