22 Feb


The end of another week and Strava tells me that I have not cycled huge numbers of ks this week but my knees tell me something else  – http://app.strava.com/athletes/cgurney.

Still on the wagon however, so not all bad – in fact something of a record.

This weekend, I have high hopes for a couple of hours of hill training  – out with the Dulwich Paragon boys and girls on a ride to somewhere called Elmos end followed by reps??

No  idea what this means but I’m to bring a spare tube and some knee warmers  – all sounds very weird.

As we get closer to the day – only two months away,  I find mysel emailing the “Bike Whisperer” – I kid you not.  Apparently he can diagnose problems with technique and fix them with the aid of a shim or two!!!

After consulting the cycling fraternity, it would appear that I have a mechanical problem with with my left leg, nothing as serious as Oscar Pistorius of course but non the less, one that is seriously impeding my progress.  There you have it – It’s official – I am at a disadvantage. Anyway, Mr. Whisperer is confident that it can be fixed.  Appointment booked so I’ll let you know.

Weather wise – very chilly sleet in fact.

Next week, training begins properly.


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