Week 6

Pulled a muscle! This could potentially indicate an increased level of exercise, but was actually in an effort to catch a slice of toast before it landed butter side down. I didn’t, it did… Frankly it serves me right for trying to multi-task and make coffee at the same time… Lyulf, showing a surprising amount of empathy for a six year old, was forthcoming with a massage and added a whole new level of pain – still, on the bright side, that is my shoulder and it is legs that are needed on a bike and an hour was spent grinding a high gear on the turbo trainer. So the week :

  • On Strava – 62ish miles
    • 14 with a child on-board
    • Includes 5 ascents of swains lane
  • Off Strava – 3.9 miles
  • Turbo trainer – 65 minutes at high gear
  • Diet, drink and drugs – All pretty good, but still having to fight the flab and battle the bottle…
  • Weight – hid the scales and made a note to get a more trustworthy set.
  • General fitness – Coming out of the back end of two weeks of man flu so feel great. In the context of a bloody great hill, I quickly need to accept the enormity of the challenge and do some work

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