14th Feb

Today, the Tuffcall team made three ascents of Swains Lane and in the process created a new Strava segment.  Strava is a great app. for highlighting just how bad you are compared to other cyclists.  


This has broken new ground in the team’s training – never before has such hill climbing been attempted.  Three ascents is approximately 3k, so only another 25 to go.

On the way down according to to the excellent gadget purchase, I clocked a tad under 55km/h  which is about 37mph.  Time to buy a cycle hat me thinks. I dont fancy being scalped should I have a mishap.

On the downside, gears are playing up so time for a tinkle.


Having looked at strava, apparently a widget can be embedded into these postings so I can show you our progress.  There has been talk that we spend all our time blogging and don’t actually ride our bikes.  Do we even have bikes has been mooted?

Well, I can assure you we do.  There is even a sprinkling of lycra appearing on our rides, which is a sure sign we are getting serious or thinner.


Tomorrow, four ascents are planned (mmmmm) and over the weekend I intend to vary my training by sweeping the Herne Hill Velodrome.






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