Another week…

…goes by, another week closer to the event.

Cavendish wins his second GC and Armstrong’s habitual drug use still hogs the headlines.

Doping, frankly what is the point? If you are going to do drugs you may as well make it enjoyable…

Personally I have been banging the antibiotics and cold and flu Nurofen and, annoyingly, seemed to have developed a supplementary burst of man flu and tooth ache to boot. For the ride itself I am planning on lots of SiS powder to help me up the slopes – hopefully not in an impression of Tommy Simpson!

On the bright side, I think that coughing your lungs up on the side of the road equates to weight loss!

Despite illness, the week looked like this:

  • Strava miles – 65.2
    • 13 with child on-board (+3 stone)
    • Includes 3 ascents of Highgate
  • Off Strava – 3.9
  • Turbo trainer – Looks good folded, unfortunately, did not make the unfolded state, although tempted to do an hour after this
  • Diet / Drink – Feeding a cold you know
  • Weight – Did not check, yet still fit into my trousers…
  • General fitness – Is a very nice idea

This coming week the aim is to do 3 ascents of Highgate in one hit – to put this in context, the actual climb is 28 x Highgate Hill. In short, that is pretty scary and I need to do some serious training.


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