Week 3 and 4

Hmm, the last fortnight has flown by. There has been a lot of work and some bad behavior against all New Year’s good intentions.

Somewhere among this there has been some cycling, Mr Gurney came to the party in style by immediately breaking a bike, my usual Brompton with child seat and passenger was accompanied by the less usual squeaks from said passenger at the snow. A few runs up Highgate Hill West and Swains Lane which, as usual, hurt (I anyone finds my lungs…). And some small amount of time on the trainer. Despite all this, the majority of cycling related activity has been regretting all the broken good intentions…

On the bright side a weekend of sledging counts as exercise that involves climbing. Then again, the weekend off to celebrate a birthday with old friends – although the birthday girl is not as old as the rest of us – involved no more that climbing out of a cab while under the influence…


  • Strava miles – maths gave out, but in the region of 90
  • Off Strava – 3.9
  • Turbo trainer – 1.75 hours (looks weird in decimals, but could not be bothered to write three-quarters out in long hand and can not do 3/4 so that it looks right)
  • Diet / Drink – Generally good with the odd bursts of spectacular excess by way of a counter-balance
  • Weight – I think I need to invest in some new scales – my current new set seem to have a variance of +/-1 (stone that is). This may well explain the initial dramatic results
  • General fitness – hmmm, moving onwards and, I hope upwards…

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