Plan B

There is indeed a Plan B!

The absence of a stoker for the tandem has made it as impractical to cycle as it is to air-freight it.

So, allowing for my long emotional attachment to this particular marvel of engineering, the amount of miles I have ridden them – Dunwich Dynamos and all – it gives me great pleasure to announce Plan B(rompton).

Yup, the Brompton is the new steed for this challenge. I may not ruin my Oratory jacket (yes, I do own one) to be too on brand, however, I think my nearly 380g of 6 speed, P-type tourer will be more than up for the job.

And, thinking about it, could be a good bit of marketing for this West London outfit – makes a change for the commuter convenience, suits and boots image that they tend to be stereotyped by.

Imagine all the big boy teams with their pre-training trip and a week’s localisation in the Atlas (yes, it’s true) been juxtaposed to the Brompton rocking up on the plane the previous evening, being unfolded and doing the do… Gotta be worth a small consideration sponsorship-wise?

Anyone know who heads up their marketing team?


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