Week 4 for Mr G

Week 4

I read the second volume of  “100 Greatest Cycling Climbs” which is aptly titled “Another 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs” and the best advice it offers is “to climb hills effectively, you need to be light – Fat people find it very hard to climb hills”.  This is followed by “oh and make sure you have a light bike  – shed unnecessary weight, like brakes etc etc”.

After last week’s flurry of exericse, I was convinced that I must have shed at least 10kg .  I hopped on the scales and to my utter disgust discovered that not one of Europe’s finest grammes had left the temple which is now my body.

FACT – Drinking beer and red wine patently does not make you fat.

FACT – Exercise as a method of losing weight does not work

Here is the week

21st Jan

Cycyled to work on trusty steed

No opportunity to skive off during lunch

Last week’s posting has generated considerable interest from the Linked in commuity so hopefully the money will start coming in  – THERE IS A PLEASE DONATE BUTTON AT THE |TOP OF |BLOG..

Thought about the turbo trainer but was encouraged to partake in DIY

22nd Jan

Miles cycled 0 but did investigate hotels in Morocco

Hotels booked 0

Today was an all day offsite with the promise of copious amount of alcohol afterwards.

Diet coke and a lemonade for me!!!!!

Turbo miles NONE

23rd  Jan

Usual jaunt into work

Cycled up and down Annerley Hill (Crystal Palace) twice – it was very slow and painful  – No need to get a cadence computer as I could count the RPM per minute.

24th Jan

Decided it was time to launch an ascent on Swains Lane (Highgate).  This is the nearest to the etape you can get in London.


It is about 1.2kmn long and has a max gradient of 18% – perfect Etape training

James Tuffs arrived on trusty Brompton and we set off to conquer   mount Swain.

Swains Lane truly is formidable. – OK Northerners, it’s just a road and yes it’s not cobbled and yes you don’t generally need oxygen or sherpas to carry your bike but to us London folk it’s scary.  It’s average gradient is 12% and there is a nasty 18% at the end.

Mr Gurney(me)  on his trusty cyclocross bike was struggling and half way up heard a worrying twang.  Oh no, he thought, my ligament, tendon, etc had snapped under the pressure.

Fear not, it was simply two spokes breaking.   That fantastic chain of cycle shops, it transpired had fitted the wrong sized spokes.

Meanwhile the Ouka Beast (Mr. Tuffs) was ascending Mt Swain like he was riding on the flat.

NOTE to all you mockers of the small wheels, the gearing on a Brompton is simply fantastic.  If anyone from Bronpton is reading this blog, I’d seriously consider sponsoring the Tuffcall cycling team on this epic journey.  Think of the publicity opportunities – TuffCall team take the Touring Brompton across the Atlas Mountains.  More than happy to take photos at top of ascent in return for a small consideration.

Anyway reached the top, suprised I could still breathe and we set off down again.  Technically this is against the law as it’s a one way street but everyone seems to do it.  Noticed a person on a mountain bike climbing up with little evidence of pain.  Perhaps a mountain bike (the clue is in the name) should be considered for this ride.  I will investigate further.

Upon reaching level ground, what does the Ouka Beast suggest – yup round two.  I immediately pretended that I had an urgent phone call to make and declined.  Phew close one there.

Quicker than expected, he returned.  How does an unfit 17st man riding what is essentially a fold up commuter bike do it.  BROMPTON you need to sponsor us – the opportunities are endless. – Tour de France 2014 – Cav and Wiggo riding for team Brompton.

Returned to work and recovered with a large bowl of pasta.

25th Jan

Shock horror – The scales have spoken. I have lost weight.  2lbs have gone.  I am in the zone.

Cycled to work on bike 2.   This is actually the better bike but it’s always broken.

Today however, it too is in the zone.  No clangs, grinds or mechanical glitches.

The Ouka Beast cannot make Swains Lane so I seriously think about giving it a miss.  But No, I am in the zone.

I “depart for a meeting at Bankside” and head off to Highgate.

Ascent one went surprisingly well and being a law abiding citizen, I cycle down Highgate West Hill.

What to do?

If the next car to go past is maroon colour, I’ll try a second lap.  Guess what, the last surviving Hillman Avenger which only came in maroon goes up Swains Lane.

Ascent two – I am in uncharted territory. Extremely difficult but I made it.  A carbon fibre bike is defintiely easier but I need more gears.


26th Jan

Unlikely to be any cycling as mum and brother is visiting.


Starting to look forward to the Ouka but somewhat worried that it’s exactly three months away..





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