Training tales – week 2

Not a mathematical failure on my part, I realise this is not strictly a full week, but it’s easier to write an update at the weekend.

If this was a ‘Biking Bridget Jones Blog’, I would start this off with the weeks stats, some notes about my diet and where it all went wrong – which naturally it did – all neatly rounded off with a simpering comment  or three and an update on my weight.*

Tue 08

5am and I am the turbo trainer powering through some mountains or other. .. The trick is not to be lulled into a false sense of security – the guys who filmed the DVD did so from a car, one that is moving a lot faster than a cyclist – as cars tend to. Visually I am flying, however, the legs are screaming and the cadence is low – so low that I have seen faster South American revolutions. There are not many who use regime change as a format of measurement.

To make matters worse I downloaded a 12 week training manual that is so intimidating it is tiring to look at.

The Brompton had an extended run to Paddington as I had to travel to Slough – Betjeman was sooo right…

Wed 09

It is starting to sink in that this bike ride is up a mountain. I am either very slow on the uptake or insane. Swains Lane in Highgate hits 18% just off the top (making it sound like a January sale) but I get up it on the Brompton – and then do it again.

So, good effort, just wondering if I can do that 36 times in a row without the downhill breathers in between…?

More loo roll please..

Thur 10 / Fri 11

Minimal cycling to and from the office, cancelled Highgate ride with Chris who pedals towards the winking cigarette of Crystal Palace in my absence.

Work deadlines take over, I start at 4am and  finish with 50 minutes to spare before the kids wake up – on the bright side my lying down to get up may count as a sit-up that I can tick off the training regime…

By Friday evening I need a drink – will power? Well it doesn’t kick in so much as close the door on the way out…

Slim Jims, Ice (lots), squeeze lime, caressed glass, free-poured Gin (lots), splash of bitters and fever tree tonic – perfect time and again as indeed it proved.

Sat 12

Rest day – shattered. Potter with Justine and the kids, have lunch at the local restaurant (the fire station) and then curl up in front of a film.

The evening provides an opportunity to update this, mainly as an excuse to pretend I am not getting emotionally involved with Double Jeopardy (the new one). A tear was shed…

The lack of a stoker is making me think of doing this on a Brompton – partly as it is small enough to fold in a cab if it all goes wrong…

*And, for those who may be interested

  • 51 – Miles clocked up on Strava
  • 3.8 – Miles off Strava
  • 2 – Hours on the turbo trainer
  • Bloody terrible – My diet
  • Falling off the wagon – Friday night G+Ts
  • 15 st 3lb – current weight (yes, that is less than last week – love the Asda scales)
  • Simpering comment – would be something gushing about losing a couple of pounds

One comment on “Training tales – week 2

  1. Justine says:

    What is the suggested ratio of training to blogging about training?

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