Training tales – week 1

So, among other things, I thought I’d try and keep a record of mine and the team’s training – naturally the latter will require a team so I will kick off with just mine 🙂

Tue 01 Jan 2013

Partying until the kids awake – perfect endurance training to kick off with.

Time to battle the bottle, fight the flab and shape up – 2013 here I come (via the alka-seltzer, a red bull and three lucazade)

Wed 02

On day two it takes all my energy to work out the instructions of how to assemble the turbo trainer. There are a disconcerting number of spare parts remaining.

Allowing for the earlier cycle to and from the office (13m round trip) I call it a night

Thurs 03

Wear cycling clothes to drive the children and the Brompton into town. Drop the car and offspring at my mothers and pedal round the corner to the office – I am cheating no one but myself.

You Tube video evidence shows the assembly is correct, however, having it in the middle of the kitchen probably isn’t ideal.

Regardless, I pop in the training DVD and give it a go. I select the shortest steepest descent on offer and set off in a low gear – wonderful feeling, although as I start thinking the addition of a fan may be an idea to give it that ‘wind in the hair’ vibe I get carried away and lean into a corner too much and tip over. In my excitement I forgot that it is isn’t real – still three minutes, it’s a start!

Fri 04

Do the work thing with the car and bike again. I wonder why I bother with cycling gear as all I end up doing is adding baggy over  layers to hide the lack of bulge in some areas and excess of it in others.

If I ever do lose weight I may try the Mamil thing (middle aged men in lycra).

On the subject  of weight I purchased some new scales from Asda and I have gone from 16 stone (old scales) to 15.5 or 97kgs as it is in new money – a complete result.

To celebrate this and almost a week off the bottle for the first time in three decades Justine and I crack open the fizz which is followed by a second for good measure – not exactly what was planned.

Sat 05

My partner can’t get the time off school for the ride (she’s a teacher before any wrong conclusions are jumped to) so I am now minus a stoker on the tandem – maybe time for a bike change.

She is, kindly, still able to extract several shades of urine at my attempts to get fit – apparently as I hit the final hill at around 35 minutes in on the turbo trainer my breathing  sounds like ‘a recently constipated person passing a football’! She’s all charm.

Sun 06

Chris Gurney has paid his money to enter and the team is back up to two again – like Justine and myself, he is another natural hill climber with the advantage of a few more years of experience. Yup, as unfit and even older!

Rather smugly, I did another 45 minutes on the trainer and finished with a flourish – I had to, my son was watching. Thankfully, I managed to hold back the tears until I’d dragged my lactic filled body out of the room…

Mon 07

Rest day(ish) – ride my daughter to and from nursery as well as make it to the office minus the car – a grand total of 13 miles, 8 of these were done with an additional 3 stone of passenger which easily tips us over the maximum weight a Brompton is designed to carry – and that’s before we add the luggage…

All of which leaves me with enough energy to start this blog…


2 comments on “Training tales – week 1

  1. Chris Gurney – Has set up a turbo trainer in his cellar – but can’t get his bike down the stairs!!

    Miles cycled to date in 2013 – 0

    Litres of beer drunk in 2013 – 5

    Having just looked at Google maps, it looks like it is a near vertical climb for 60km followed by a death defying descent. The mountain roads do not have any fences and last year a record 7 cyclists died on the descent – arrived at the foot of the Atlas mountains substantially quicker than planned.

  2. Paul M says:

    Room in the saddlebags for 20 smokes? Think you’ve still got a packet of mine…

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